Boarding School For Naughty Dogs?

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H’mm, now would that not be nice? Maybe this is something that has been going on for long enough in your neighborhood. Just listen to the way they are yapping in their yards at night sometimes. You would have thought that there were a thousand and one burglars running around your streets at night. But no, it’s not that, as well you should know by now. And get this, it’s not even the poor animals’ fault.

If you know your dogs well enough and you love animals in general, then you’ll surely agree with this. Dogs can be really naughty sometimes. The thing is, they love to be busy with something, when they’re not chewing on juicy bones or sleeping. No, the thing is, these poor fellers are bored stiff. It’s not their fault, it’s their owners’ fault. You would think that sending the owners to the daily dog boarding denver kennels would be a good idea.

Maybe this could teach them, the owners, not the dogs, a lesson on neglecting their poor pets. If you don’t care for canine pets, then just don’t go there. You have no business owning a pet if you haven’t got a care in your heart. But setting all jokes aside, an ironic trail because this all really does happen, naughty dogs do need to come right, you know. It’s not fair on the good neighbors who are all trying to get a good night’s sleep.

The dog boarding school metaphor was a good one, wasn’t it. But in reality, you really can do this. Only the thing is, you don’t send your chums off to boarding school, you send them to obedience school. And it’s usually a good idea that the dogs’ owners trail along as well.