We can not deny the advantages of iNz Residences

What’s the special about iNz Residences? It is a common question from any prospective buyers iNz Residences EC. To answer your question, we might explain the various advantages that you get if you buy the real estate at iNz Residences. The first advantage that we get is spacious. If generally, a condo has an area of only 110 m2, in iNz Residences spacious room we could get more than that. Although not all the rooms have the same size as each floor has a priority to each customer but we can buy a condo with an area of 150 m2. We not only get 3 rooms in a condo but we have extra space for the family room or living room. We can use it to place cabinets and display ornaments. With an area of 150 m2, we will probably get a higher price than other smaller rooms. In addition to spacious rooms, another advantage that we can see in the iNz Residences is the maintenance. Yes, regular maintenance for each room will be provided by management to all condo owners.

This service is provided because the busy of each condo owners do not allow them to take care of all the existing facilities. We can only pay for the facility management services with contributions managed by the manager of the condo. It is very helpful to owners who are busy with their work and even rarely going back to their homes to rest. We do not want if we are enjoying a holiday with the clean room or water pipes. The third advantage is that we can get the privacy. We can not deny if the privacy is something we must guard. We can not let everyone gain entry into our private lives. Therefore, the smart home and other equipment provided by the manager of iNz Residences, we can get our full privacy. So, with three advantages that we can not have thought, we do not need to think twice to buy a dwelling in iNz Residences.