Diet with Juices

Nowadays it is a popular dietary trend by relying on fruit and vegetable juices. Various reasons can be the basis why so many people use this method. To make the best juice, you also need the best juicer machine, for that you can visit our website. In addition to losing weight, consume only juice or juice diet is also used to detoxify or remove toxins from the body. But, whether eating juice alone is good for health?

Diet with only fruit juice and vegetables every day may help you in losing weight. A few calories in the juice will make your body burn your energy reserves in your body to support your activity. However, a diet with juice does not seem to have a good effect on your health. You do not really benefit when just consuming juice in a certain time. Why?

1. Contains low protein

You are advised to consume various types of food in an effort to meet your nutritional needs. However, if you only consume one type of food within a certain period of time, this certainly makes you difficult to meet your nutritional needs.

One of the nutrients you find difficult to fulfil when doing this method is protein. Yes, fruits and vegetables contain only a small amount of protein. So, protein deficiency you may experience when you only consume fruit juice and vegetables every day. This is certainly detrimental to your health. Why? Because protein is needed to boost your immune and muscle regeneration. Lack of protein makes you more susceptible to disease, and your muscle mass can be reduced.

2. Contains low calorie

When you’re on a diet, the minimum number of calories you need to get into your body is 1200 calories. If less than this amount, then you are at risk for certain diseases, such as gallstones. Fruit and vegetable juices certainly contain fewer calories, although you consume them many times a day. If you only consume fruit and vegetable juice for 10 days, your body may be able to interpret this as starving so the body will respond by slowing down your metabolism. This can certainly interfere with your normal metabolism.