In SEO, one important factor is to build backlinks

What is a backlink? To put it simply, this is the link provided by the other party to our site. If the link is clicked, visitors will be delivered to the site given the link Usually, companies that provide SEO services such as, Backlink is proof that the other parties consider that our website is important so it’s worth given as a reference.

The search engine backlinks signal capture and use as one of the important factors in rank search results. There are many ways to build backlinks. Even many who boldly claim to be able to build backlinks rapidly with remarkable results. However, it should be understood from the beginning that what is important is not the quantity but the quality of the backlink. How to find backlinks in bulk by using automated software is very dangerous.

Although it can raise the ranking of sites that backlink quickly on the search page, it is also highly vulnerable detected Google algorithm which can be fatal, representing a reduction of search engine rankings (usually almost for all keywords) up to a penalty of up to deindex (if spamming atrocities perpetrated quite brutal). Google focus beat way backlink excessive and not qualified. This is known as the Google Penguin. In recent years, Google Penguin has already resulted in many websites fall, victim.