The shaver should really be Able to shorten the time you shave

Please note that each razor require different methods to shave. Therefore, to optimize the performance of your shaver to provide additional movement. Make it a little twist when you use a rotary shaver. However, make sure you do not put too much stress on the face and also make sure you do not shave in the same area repeatedly to avoid irritation. Foil shaver can work well if you shave with a back and forth motion. Do not forget to clean your shaver regularly because it could be debris that has been shaved beard will accumulate inside the blade, especially if you have a thick beard. Do not clean the shaver to be tapped into hard objects or tools are not intended to clean the shaver. Foil shaver brand Braun, Panasonic, or Remington you can buy in, can be cleaned by removing the frame at the head of the shaver and then brushing debris from under the blade beard slowly with the brush available in packs. Since the screen on the shaver easily damaged, be sure not to touch the screen of your shaver.

The head rotary shaver Philips brand can be cleaned by removing the razor and brush the bottom of the blade and the sidelines of the three blades. Do not subject the shaver head to the sink to avoid damage to the small brushes contained in the section. Remove the blade and the retaining plate rotary brushes your shaver every month. If you have a beard thicker and faster growing, cleaning should be done more often by brushing flakes of razor stubble and soak in the cleaning fluids and lubricants.