The Science of Getting a Puppy

If someone you know isn’t budging on the idea of getting a four-legged furry friend, and the idea of a cute loyal companion isn’t changing their mind, then perhaps it’s time to try something new. Like most things, puppies are backed by science, and there is scientific proof that it is high time for you to figure out the answer to: why get a puppy augusta ga. Take a look at some of these reasons, and then see if the answer changes.

First, while it might seem like having a dirty dog around can make you more prone to allergies and getting sick, the opposite is true. Dogs bring in a lot of germs, sure, but those germs then get inside us and then our bodies build resistances to them. The less germs we have in our environment, the sicker we become since our immune systems aren’t exposed to them.

Plus, dogs can also stop children from getting common allergies and asthma. There’s two bacteria that can be transferred from a dog and to a pregnant woman that reduce the chances of the babies developing allergies.

Dog can also help with depression and other illnesses, both physical and mental. Have you ever looked at a dog and just had a smile come over your face? Well, that’s because your dog loves you as long as you meet its needs. It doesn’t care about your flaws or judge you for things you’ve done, it just knows that you are a good owner and loves you for it.

why get a puppy augusta ga

They can also make your more social, with dog owners often having to go to the dog park or at least going to a place where people ask to pet the dog. So, your dog could land you some new friends.