Tips to Choose Safe Toys

Toys are one of the things that cannot be separated from the daily life of children. Therefore, parents must control and choose the type of toys that are played by the child. The toys should also be made of safe materials so that they will not harm the children montessori. For some examples of safe toys, you can check out the Montessori toys. There are some recommended tips for your consideration in choosing safe toys. Among them:

– Avoid buying toys that have straps, threads, or ribbons of more than 30 cm length. This can harm a baby or child who plays a string or ribbon and can cause the object to twist around the neck and strangle it.
– Avoid toy guns that can shoot automatically. A variety of gunshot toys can usually hurt the eye if shot.
– Be careful with toys made of hazardous materials. Usually, the toys look normal and safe for children to use, but you must make sure that the toys are not made using chemicals that could harm your child.